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HR Compliance - How Much Risk Can Your Company Tolerate

Are you HReady in 2018?

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Often businesses are moving at a hectic pace during the year as they prepare for new launches, ideas, projects and even anticipated challenges.  One of the most important items to review is the current status of your business operations as it relates to employees and HR practices.

Answer these few questions to take a quick assessment of where you stand:

1 – Did you increase the number of employees in the past year?

This may move you into a new category of requirements and regulations for payroll and related taxes, benefit offerings and required forms/documentation.

2 – Do you plan to hire new employees to meet the business demand?

Sound interview questions and processes can be the difference between a great new hire and a costly legal process.  Who knew the simple phrase you used or innocent question you asked could make or impact the financial outlook?

3 – Is that problem employee with questionable performance and spotty attendance still around because you don’t know how or when to address the situation?

The worst morale buster is a great productive employee watching a co-worker underperform and collect the same or greater pay (yes they do discuss each other’s salaries no matter what the handbook says).  He/she is wondering how long will this continue and is it time to look elsewhere to be treated fairly.

If these aren’t your pain points, take a look at the to -do list for the next few months and pause to see how many of them involve your people, practices and uncharted territory.

Resolutions aren’t just for the beginning of the year… strategies come with new responsibilities. In order to focus and execute them efficiently, it is imperative to plan for the best version of your organization and protect what you have achieved.


Nicole Mitchell