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To Hire or Not To Hire

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Have you spent the last few months deciding whether you need to finally make that first hire?  It’s often a milestone that business owners look forward to and dread at the same time.  The time has come to acknowledge that there are no more hours in the day to squeeze one more thing into.  Growth, customers/clients that you hoped for have arrived along with the volume that surpasses your two hands (and the free friends and family labor).

Your vision of being an entrepreneur and small business owner was grander than just working for yourself and the next step is being ... the boss! While you may have had many thoughts in those days when you were an employee or even a supervisor/manager the final say and responsibilities were still someone else’s headache. 

Well the time has come to bite the bullet and there are some basic questions that will serve you well to answer early on in order to be set up for success.

Question #1 – Am I financially ready to support the payroll of an employee or multiple employees in a consistent manner?  Your “terms of payment” cannot be the determining factor whether or not the wages due are available on payday.  

Question #2 – How do I find and screen individuals to fill the needs of the business? Here’s where the dread comes in as you worry about the risks associated with an outside individual having even the most minimal access to “your” stuff.

Question #3 – Is my business process structured and organized enough to explain to someone else “the vision”? If it’s still mostly in your head about how and when specific things happen or are handled, there are a few more steps needed to best utilize additional manpower.

Begin to evaluate your answers to these questions and formulate a plan for timing a hire, training the first employee and allowing someone else to be involved,  maybe even help you to improve the process.

Stay tuned for more steps to success in your business growth and moving into the employer/employee arena.

If you find yourself ready to move now but a little unsure of how to start, schedule a complimentary consultation to get things underway.


Nicole Mitchell