Custom services to fit your business needs.

By listening to small business owners who are experiencing growth and success, we recognize the need for help to resolve the challenges and mitigate the risks you have in hiring and managing employees.



Outsourced consulting reduces the overhead expenses of having a full-service human resources staff. Avoid the legal risk of your staff making HR related decisions without proper training or appropriate knowledge base.  


Employment-related lawsuits and non-compliance penalties can be costly to your company.  We provide expertise in employer requirements and guidance to ensure your federal, state and local statutes are identified and complied with.


Onsite - thorough, interactive and comprehensive training in a fun and interesting learning environment.  Programs are designed to be "hands-on" including group exercise, learning activities, and open discussion - focused on providing information in a format that ensures better retention.

Automated - online training materials are utilized to provide initial and ongoing training to keep employees informed and up to date with our company and industry requirements.

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Hiring the right talent for your organization requires diligent and efficient sourcing for the candidates that will enhance and grow your business.  Our experience with adminstrative through senior executive level recruitment ensures that the best approach for your industry, size and budget will be our priority.  Not just the person with the skills, we identify the best fit for a successful long term engagement.


From employment applications to termination procedures, we provide the experience and knowledge to assist in creation and development of documents designed to streamline your process as well as minimize risk.  Performance feedback, appraisals, compensation and all requested HR areas are addressed.


A detailed evaluation of your current human resources practices, policies and procedures. Upon completion we will partner with you to design procedures and programs that are custom-tailored to meet your business needs, culture and objectives.